133 points submitted 2 months agoI’m an OB gyn resident

So, the wife came up with an alternate solution and I want experienced parent opinions: skip the extra base and use a convertible seat now. My 2 door car would have the convertible seat to start and be used only to drive DD 3 blocks on purely residential streets to childcare in the morning. Infant carrier would stay in DW SUV and be used to pick her up after work and most/all other journeys.

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beach dresses I see pts with pain that is actually from the ovary not infrequently but that’s never the way they phrase it for whatever reason.I also had a patient recently claim her GI doc said an ovarian cyst (aka dominant follicle) was the cause of her constipation. Hmmm. 133 points submitted 2 months agoI’m an OB gyn resident. beach dresses

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swimwear sale Shortly after the program’s cancellation, however, the Marine Corps started the program again.[11] This time, instead of development and production running concurrently, the Corps created an Initial Capabilities Document (ICD) which more clearly outlined the aircraft’s requirements. DOD approved the ICD in August 2009, naming it the VXX Helicopter Replacement Program.[11] In February 2010, the Navy asked private industry for inputs for an Analysis of Alternatives (AOA) to meet the aircraft’s mission needs. Among the options the Navy suggested were purchasing a single aircraft, but developing two versions on it. swimwear sale

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cheap swimwear 5v5 means you are usually at the mercy of your teammates unless you just so good that you can carry them all. This compounds the frustration of my first point because you can play really well for 50 minutes and then lose because someone on your team made a dumb decision. I felt like the outcome of the game was 90 95% pre determined by variables outside my control, and only in about 5 10% of games did my actions really make the difference between a W and a L cheap swimwear.