Most of the revenues currently earned by SITO are paid through

Thanks, John, and thanks to everyone for joining us today. Operations. After Pat, Bruce Churchill will provide a summary of our results in Latin America and then I’ll conclude with our operational priorities and a quick update on the Liberty transactions.

dresses sale And I’m really pleased overall to have these regions responding to our strategies. Hub opening. When that’s open, it give us the ability to improve our proposition for customers in a far more talented way.. But we note, our total in service occupancy level when we include unstabilized assets dropped to 96% this quarter, primarily due to vacancy from recent acquisitions and recent spec developments placed in service. These unstabilized assets recently placed in service, provide us with substantial future NOI growth opportunities. As we only have 3% of our leases expiring for the remainder of the year, our focus is the lease up of the spec space and continue to drive rent growth.. dresses sale

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