Talking on handheld cell phones forces drivers to take at

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Canada Goose online Note changes to Bushfire Behaviour, Road Closures, What Firefighters are Doing and Extra Information sections It is not safe for people in Preston Beach to leave due to downed power lines and debris across the road. Motorists are asked to avoid non essential travel through the area. If you must travel please ensure your petrol tank is full before you depart.A bushfire EMERGENCY WARNING remains for people in an area bounded by Old Coast Road, south of Coronation Road, South Western Highway, McDowell Road, Nanga Brook Road, Nanga Road, Dawn Creek Road, south to Murray River Fire line, Driver Road, Logue Brook Dam Road, Dupont Road, Tallanalla Road, Harvey Quindanning Road, Weir Road, Uduc Road, Forestry Road and Forrest Highway.This includes east of Waroona, Hamel, Cookernup, Yarloop, Harvey townsite and surrounding areas Canada Goose online.